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More women are turning to gentle and safe, permanent makeup to achieve a beautiful flawless look.


Permanent Makeup Masters Offers Permanent EyebrowsAnita Smith has been in the beauty industry for more than 30 years. After training in several techniques in the art of permanent makeup, Anita created her own gentle hand-method application that results in a painless and perfect look for her clients. Her technique is so renowned that hundreds of students have come to learn from her, including her daughter Britney joined her mother at Permanent Makeup Masters.


Since becoming a licensed cosmetologist in 1983, Anita has made it her mission to bring the best of the beauty business to her clientele; she has worked with plastic surgeons in the Valley for more than 17 years and has developed her own anti-aging skincare product called ProPeel Renew. With Permanent Makeup Masters, she is able to share her skills and truly enrich the permanent cosmetics industry.


Permanent Makeup Masters also offers the latest in state of the art machine application. Call for a free consultation to discuss which method will meet your individual needs. 


Britney was trained by Anita more than seven years ago in the art of permanent makeup. She joined her mother’s practice where the two now work side by side. Britney has not only mastered her mother’s famous hand-method technique, but also the latest in machine techniques, giving clients the flawless and beautiful results that they have come to expect from Permanent Makeup Masters.


Everyone deserves the convenience and confidence that permanent makeup provides. Contact Anita or Britney at Permanent Makeup Masters today for a free consultation!


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